Digby’s Yoghurt Pupsicles

Digby’s Yoghurt Pupsicles      Person and Dog Friendly

足彩专家预测分析竞彩专家推荐Digby Pancake is a simple boy.  A simple, happy boy who knows what he wants.  And today?  Well, he wants some Yoghurt Pupsicles!  A simple recipe with so many possibilities, what dog and person wouldn’t want to share?!  Take healthy, dog friendly fruits and mix with delicious yoghurt, and you have an easy yet thoughtful dessert.  Just like Digby!  Try different combinations!  Blueberries, strawberries, mangos, bananas…you pick!  Well, we always let the dogs pick in our house.  Have fun and enjoy a refreshing treat together!



1 ripe banana

足彩专家预测分析竞彩专家推荐4 cups orange juice

足彩专家预测分析竞彩专家推荐1/2 cup Plain Mountain High Yoghurt

足彩专家预测分析竞彩专家推荐1/2 cup strawberries, chopped

1/2 cup blueberries





足彩专家预测分析竞彩专家推荐Puree all ingredients in a blender.


Pour into ice cube trays!


Freeze for at least 5 hours.


Pop out of trays and enjoy!

Oh how ruffing good!



Not intended as a meal replacement for dogs.  Use as supplemental feeding.


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